Christian Assembly Church
Christian Assembly in Marysville, Ohio, is a small church with a big heart and a big vision. Since our beginnings, we've strived to be a loving, caring congregation with arms outstretched to those around us, sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Pastor Donald Moceri and his wife, Donna, have led this congregation faithfully for many years, and their vision is to see the church flourish as we live out our calling as part of the Body of Christ.

Marysville Christian Academy is a vital part of the total ministry of Christian Assembly of God Church and is open to families who desire their children to learn and grow in harmony with the Word of God. Marysville Christian Academy presents, without apology, the truth about Jesus Christ as it is revealed in His Word. Our school shall clearly emphasize love for country, church, Christian fellowship and friends.  While it is this church body that built and continues to support Marysville Christian Academy, no specific doctrine is taught at the school which consists of students from many different denominations.