Taking Registration for Fall Classes

We are now taking enrollment for next year's Kindergarden
and preschool classes.

Contact the school for more information and to sign up for classes.


Older 4 year old Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
9 am to 11:30 pm

Regular 4 year oldTuesday and Thursday
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

3 year oldMonday  9 am to 11:30 am


22-31School Choice Scarves Passed out to each Child
30     Clubs Choice Fund Raiser Begins
                Clubs Choice Sale ends February 19


  Registration begins for Pre-K ages 3-4 and older 4

12Valentines Day Party - 3 year old AM & PM
13Valentines Day Party - 4 year old PM
14Valentines Day Party - 4 year old AM

Easter Break    March 30 - April 6

Final Day for 3 Year olds May 7

Pre-K Graduation    May 17  6:30 PM 4 year olds
                                               7:30 PM older 4 year olds

Parent Review
My grandchildren graduated from Marysville Christian Academy and are doing great. They are attending college and are working toward their future in the medical field.

Help support our school by collecting Box Tops for Education and Campbell Soup Labels. If you have an old cell phone, please consider donating it to us. Thank you for your help!

Box Tops & Cell Phones

Christian Academy Value Cards for Sale
Cost $10
Offers 17 Merchants
Marysville Christian Academy
offers extra school activities for all interested students. Intramural
sports are offered if enough students
are willing to participate.
Sports available include:
Ping Pong

Christian Academy also offers a variety of experiences throughout the year where both students and their families can come together for learning and fun. Experiences include school field trips, a book fair, our annual Harvest Party, Christmas celebration and school graduation ceremonies. Please see the Calendar listings on this page for the dates of these events.