About Us
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Marysville Christian Academy!

We currently offer an amazing preschool program including classes one day a week for three-year-olds and classes two or four days a week for four-year-olds.

We genuinely hope that you will consider Marysville Christian Academy as a choice for your son or daughter. We would welcome them with outstretched and supporting arms.

Mrs. Donna Moceri, Administrator

School Status:
Christian Academy is currently only offering Preschool.

Class Size:
Class sizes range from 6-15 students.

Transportation to and from Marysville Christian Academy is provided by parents.

Dress Code:
Christian Academy no longer requires uniforms. Kids should wear comfortable, washable clothing. No long dresses, please.

Teacher Spotlight - Connie Parrott (Preschool)
Mrs. Connie Parrott has taught Pre K for 16 years. She is a very personable teacher and is loved by all her little students. Connie is married to Don and they have three children. Billy works in English/communications, Sydney is a college Senior at OSU, and Sawyer is a Sophmore at OSU. Her love for the students shows in everything she does. Parents feel welcome and free to communicate with her. Mrs. Parrott does an excellent job at preparing preschoolers for success in grade school and beyond. We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Parrott on staff.

Marysville Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethic origin.